Mecca is a holy city for Muslims, with the Grand Mosque, and the Kaaba, which is the qibla of Muslims in their prayers. Located west of Saudi Arabia, away from the city of Medina about 400 kilometers in the south-west direction, and from the city of Taif about 120 kilometers in the east direction, and 72 kilometers from the city of Jeddah and the Red Sea coast, and the nearest ports are Jeddah Islamic Port, and the nearest international airport Its is King Abdulaziz International Airport. Mecca is located at the intersection of the widths 25/21 north, and length 49/39 east, and this site is one of the most difficult geological formations, most of the rocks very hard granite. Mecca has an area of ​​850 km², of which 88 km² is inhabited, and the central area surrounding the Grand Mosque is about 6 km².

At the beginning it was a small village located in a dry valley surrounded by mountains on each side, then people began to come and settle in the era of the Prophet Abraham and the Prophet Ismail, after the Prophet Abraham left his wife Hajar and his son Ismail in this dry desert valley, in compliance with By God’s order, they stayed in the valley until the well of Zamzam exploded.

The population of Mecca, according to statistics in 2015, about 1,578,722 people distributed in the neighborhoods of old and new Mecca. Mecca is home to many Islamic holy landmarks, most notably the Grand Mosque, the holiest place in the earth for Muslims, because it includes the Holy Kaaba which is the qibla for Muslims in prayer, as it is one of the three mosques to which the traveler, according to the Prophet Muhammad: Travelers are only three mosques of this mosque, the Grand Mosque and the Al-Aqsa Mosque. “In addition, Mecca is a destination for Muslims in the Hajj and Umrah season, as it includes the areas where Muslims go during which are Muzdalifa, Mona and Arafa.

Mecca attractions

Al Masjid Al Haram

The focal point for every Muslim and the biggest mosque in the world, Al Masjid Al Haram is able to host a million people and covers an area of 356,800 sq metres. At its epicentre is the Holy Kaaba.


Exhibition of the Two Holy Mosques

This little museum is brimming with relics from the two holy mosques, Al Masjid Al Haram in Mecca and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. These include pillars, marble insignia and historical photos.

Exhibition IN MECCA

Cave of Thor

This small mountain (761m) is where the Prophet hid for three days with his companion Abu Bakr from the Quraysh tribe.


Jabal Al Nour

The 640m-tall Jabal Al Nour is the location of the tiny Hira cave and one of the most important Islamic pilgrimage sites. According to Islamic tradition, it was here that the archangel Gabriel gave the Prophet the first god’s message.


Jabal Rahmah

Also known as the Mountain of Mercy, this granite hill is an important part of performing the hajj as pilgrims leave Mina for Arafat on the ninth day to recite the Quran and pray.


Makkah Museum

Formerly Al Zahir Palace, the 3435-sq-metre Makkah Museum has a collection ranging from images of Saudi Arabia’s important archaeological discoveries on pre-Islamic history.


Jannat Al Muallaa Cemetery

Many of the Prophet’s family are buried here, including his first wife, Khadija, his sons Qasim and Abdullah, his uncle, Abu Talib, and his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib.


Masjid Al Bay’ah

These remnants of Masjid Al Bay’ah mark the spot where tribal leaders pledged their allegiance to Muhammad in AD 621. Simple in design, an arched entrance opens into an uncovered area where a row of arches.


Birthplace of Muhammad

Although the Saudi authorities claim there is no evidence to confirm it, many Muslims believe this is the spot where the Prophet Muhammad was born in around AD 570.


Al Hukair Park

This indoor amusement park popular for families is a heady mix of lights, sounds and children’s rides. There are also trampolines, arcades, air hockey and activity zones, plus a snack bar and rest area for


Masjid Al Khayf

According to a hadith (Prophetic tradition) of Bin Abbas – a cousin of the Prophet and an early Islamic scholar – numerous prophets prayed here. It’s south of Mina, although it is open outside of the hajj season.