Farsan Island

Farsan Island is a group of islands located in the southern part of the Red Sea, and belongs to the Jazan region in the western part of Saudi Arabia, the Farsan archipelago consists of a group of islands; The size of these islands and what distinguishes these islands because they contain areas of limestone, coral reefs, in addition to the sands of its picturesque white beaches and fresh water, the most important and most famous of these islands: the Great Farsan Island, wheat, Alqid, Damasc, wedding, Kira, Doshk and Island Amniocentesis, the largest of these islands

Farsan Island is located in the Jazan region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, between latitude 16.7 north and longitude 41.7 east, which is about forty kilometers from the city of Jazan.

The island is located in the south-eastern part of the Red Sea.

It covers an area of ​​about one thousand and fifty square kilometers, and its shores are approximately 300 kilometers long.

Farsan Grand Island is the largest island in terms of area and population, with an area of ​​approximately three hundred and sixty nine square kilometers. and from the south-east to the northwest, about seventy kilometers long.

Villages belonging to the island of Farsan:

  • Al-Qassar village

Located in the south-west of Saudi Arabia and away from the island about five kilometers, the village of Al-Qassar is a resort area for the island’s population, there are many palm plantations and is characterized by fresh water.

  • Muharraq Village

Located south of the island and most of the population is engaged in fishing.

  • Sir Village

The largest village of the Farsan Island, about 45 kilometers from the island, was once famous for the pearl trade, and now most of the population engaged in fishing.

  • Al Hussein Village

Located in the north-east of the island and about 30 kilometers away, the villagers work in agriculture and animal husbandry such as camels and sheep.

  • Masila village

It is located on the north side of the island and is predominantly Bedouin.
Monuments and Landmarks of Farsan Island

  • Ottoman Castle

It is one of the most important archaeological buildings on the island of Farsan. The fortification days of Ottoman rule.

  • House of Germanic

Located on the coast of Qamah Island, the Germans are said to have built it for use as a repository of weapons and ammunition because of its privileged location.

  • Najdi Mosque

Najdi Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the island, where it was built by pearl merchant Ibrahim Al-Tamimi in 1347 AH, the mosque is characterized by Islamic inscriptions and decorations.

  • Lukman Castle

It is a high place consisting of a group of rocks in the form of a square located on the north of the road to the village of Muharraq, and called the people of the island Mount Luqman, but denotes the remains of a very old castle.

  • Alkdma area

Located in the village of Al-Qassar is the old buildings made up of large stones, these buildings predominantly geometric Roman character.

  • Rifai ‘s house

It is the home of a pearl merchant named Ahmed Al-Rifai. The house is characterized by its exquisite design and beautiful patterns that reflect the richness and luxury experienced by the merchant.

  • Wadi Matar

Located in the south of the island of Farsan, about nine kilometers in an area known as (Wadi Matar), this area is characterized by large rocks and large on some of the Assyrian inscriptions dating back to pre-Islamic times.

Coastal areas of the Farsan Island

  • Abra coast

Abra coast is located in the south-west of Farsan Island.

  • Bay of Ghadeer

Al-Ghadeer Bay is the largest bay on Farsan Island. It is one of the richest areas of the Red Sea with marine and aquatic neighborhoods.

  • The Kindle area

Located north of Farsan Island in the middle of a forest of trees with waterways, this area is characterized by the beauty of nature.

  • Coast of the poor

Located in the north of the village of Hussein go to the island’s inhabitants from time to time to enjoy the scenery and fishing.

  • Ras Al Qarn Beach

One of the most prominent beaches of Farsan Island is Ras Al Qarn, extending from Al Ghadeer Bay.