The capital of the Eastern Province, It has the headquarters of the Emirate of the region, in addition to branches of ministries and government departments, King Faisal University branch, King Fahd International Airport, and a number of modern sports cities, Dammam is the main port on the Arabian Gulf.

Tourists and cultural places in Dammam

The Corniche

The most important characteristic of the city of Dammam is the beautiful Corniche, which contains a lot of “entertainment and tourist places such as the lake entertainment city and the village of games and women’s market, restaurants and many fields such as the masts and sails and Coral Island (Fanar) in addition to chalets and entertainment centers and there are many services and children’s games on The extension of the Corniche, making it one of the most important places of comfort and recreation.

Half moon beach

It covers an area of ​​about 22 thousand hectares and is named after its crescent shape and its construction cost exceeded about 245 million riyals. The infrastructure and facilities of various services are available, and has witnessed a remarkable development during the past few years as a result of the focus and attention received by the Municipality of Dammam .. There are a number of major tourism investment projects specialized in the establishment of chalets and tourist villages.

King Fahd Park

King Fahd Park is one of the largest recreational projects in the Eastern Province, and is located between Dammam, Khobar and Dhahran, and is built on an area of ​​two million and two hundred meters fun while the buildings of the project covers an area of ​​nine thousand five hundred square meters, and Miavi ponds located in the park area of ​​2800 square meters The main waterway is 570 square meters in length and 15 meters wide. It has several waterfalls and eight bridges have been constructed to facilitate the transition from one side to the other. The family garden contains a lake in the form of two circles. It also has a restaurant, parking and children’s games, as well as many other services and entertainment

Dammam attractions


Ithra is a world-class cultural venue like no other in Saudi Arabia. The building resembles a space station, and is home to a cinema, a museum, exhibition galleries, a library, and a theatre with world-class perform…


Taybeen Museum

Relive your childhood at the privately owned Taybeen Museum. What started as the personal collection of Majid Al Ghamdi has now evolved into a 300-sq-metre museum that includes more than 10,000 toys, posters, camera…


Half-Moon Bay

South of Al Khobar, this area boasts high-end resorts and spas perfect for an indulgent day out. best thing to do, if you’re looking to escape the snarls of the city.


Al Khobar Corniche

Jam-packed with families, joggers, cyclists and locals hoping to catch fish, the Gulf-side Al Khobar Corniche makes for a pleasant evening of people-watching with a seaview backdrop as you stroll from cafe to cafe.